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This story begins on a street in Japan. From there, we want to travel to every street in the world with a sole objective: to redefine reality, giving a deeper meaning to fashion through premium sneakers that express the personality of the person wearing them.


#Notsupposed: A MANIFEST

Reality only makes sense to a few.

Invented for your enjoyment. Created for your success.

Get out of the crowd and break with it.

Write your own rules.

Find your uniqueness.

Become unrepeatable.

Don’t settle for the status quo. We weren’t born to fit in but to stand out. Reality as we know it is just the blank canvas for those who seek to create their own masterpiece. Find your greatness. Your story, your style, your success. Walk with us and become whoever you want to be.


Suaji was born from a solid track record of footwear manufacture in Spain. We have perfected the art of innovation in manufacturing sneakers and redefining reality.


We had our start in Elche, renowned for outstanding footwear manufacture – just like our premium sneakers. We emit tradition and use the best raw materials to create products of the highest quality without compromising our planet’s sustainability.


At Suaji, we use sneakers as a link between the everyday and the unique and incomparable. Because every pair of Suaji sneakers is authentic and tells a story. Ready to tell yours?


We have that spark that makes us inimitable. We create sneakers with innovative designs, a hallmark of our passion for creativity. Feel the excitement in every step you take with your premium Suaji sneakers.

Leather sneakers to break with convention

We invite you to explore the world while walking in our leather sneakers. Walking is more than just moving your body, it’s an experience.

We use the highest quality materials to make our sneakers, ensuring unmatched durability and comfort. What’s more, Suaji sneakers can be recycled and used to make new sneakers. The sole is partly constructed from an exclusive patented fabric so light that they’re unique for walking. The Suaji trainer design stands out for its versatility. You can wear them with whatever you want, whenever you want. With Suaji there is no limit in age, style or label.

Stand out with every step in your Suaji sneakers. A different way to see yourself and
bring life to your outfits.

Manufactured in Spain, global design.