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The science behind the steps: what are Suaji trainers’ soles like?

28 Feb, 2024

Where are your steps taking you?

Suaji trainers have been designed for walking, and so their soles are one of these trainers’ biggest assets.

If you’re looking for both comfort and style, you need some Suaji trainers! Made using the best materials, their soles feature an anti-twist stabiliser for the ankle, providing stability when walking and ensuring they fit perfectly so that every step is a new adventure.

Their soles are made from EVA, a material that stands out for being versatile, light, smooth and customisable all at once. Suaji trainers’ soles also contain TPU, a type of polyurethane which makes them flexible, durable and abrasion-resistant. In short, they’re everything you need to roam the streets all over the world.

Which materials are used in Suaji trainers?

Suaji trainers are made from leather and include other materials like mesh, which ensure breathability for the foot as well as the utmost comfort.

All the materials used are of the highest quality, manufactured using the latest technologies and in line with standards which respect the environment, avoiding the use of any chemical agents that could be harmful for our feet. What’s more, all of these materials can be recycled and used to create new trainers.

Each pair of Suaji trainers is handcrafted, making every pair exclusive and authentic.

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